How to manually build a X-Mod worksheet

In cases where you are unable to scan to import a X-Mod worksheet, have no fear, you can still manually enter the policy data into Modgic to generate the X-Mod worksheets. Watch the video below or follow these easy steps.

  1. Click on the "NEW ACCOUNT" button on your dashboard page.
  2. Add the client information and save.
  3. You should now be in the clients page. Click on "ADD POLICY" 
  4. enter the state for the policy and the start date of the policy.
  5. Enter class codes and payroll and hit "ENTER" or click the add button. Continue to do so until done then follow the same process for adding claims. 
  6. Once complete click the Green "SAVE" button to save your policy.
  7. Follow the same steps to add all the additional states and policies. 
  8. When done you will be able to click on the Mod worksheets tab to view the completed mod worksheets and add the data needed to generate the reports. 


scott knowlesComment