Some cool facts

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It's fast

Runs on the fastest, most secure AWS servers making its speed only limited by your system and internet connection. 

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Cutting Edge

We have implemented a custom advanced scanning feature that allows you to bring data in the system in seconds. 

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Saves Time & $$$

The scanning abilities and easy tab system reduces the time to enter data into the system significantly saving you the cost of labor.

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Reducing the amount of manual input needed to enter data has also all but eliminated data entry errors and improved accuracy. 

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Easy to use

Modgic has a clean simplistic platform that, paired with our quick video training, allows for an extremely short learning curve.

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web based

Always WEB based access allows you and your team to access the full abilities of Modgic anywhere you have a computer and internet connection. 

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Modgic was designed and tested by producers and continually enhanced by its users making the reports relevant to your customers needs.

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Our customer service is nothing less than the absolute BEST! NO Tickets and long waits for support. We are always just a phone call away!