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Modgic Claims Management Service

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You can now request Modgic to handle individual claims management on a single or multiple claim of your choosing for your clients! Our team of in-house experts located right here in the USA, each with 17+ years of experience, are ready to help you manage new and existing claims to closure for a very reasonable price.

This feature is a perfect complement to the already powerful reports Modgic generates. Before today, Modgic would calculate mods, help identify claims, premium and mod trending and highlight the claims, as well as the costs associated with them that are impacting the current and future mods. It was then the brokers responsibility to provide the tools that would help mitigate and offset those issues to drive the mod and premiums down.

Now with Modgic Claims, we have taken the first step to reduce the burden from the brokers. Within the next few weeks and months we will be launching additional partnerships with even more features and tools that will provide further assistance in this area. 

What is Modgic Claims Management?

  • It’s a claim advocacy service

  • Our goal is to actively manage new claims to quick closure

  • Effect early resolution of existing claims

  • Focus on reducing overstated reserves until closure is possible

  • Provide detailed claim reports

How does it work?

  • Simply visit

  • Complete the initial broker set-up form

  • Select your purchase option

  • Upload the required documents

  • Our team will contact you within 24 hours or less to discuss and start next steps

              What do I get with each claim?

  • Initial claim review and status report

  • Updated reports before unit stat filing

  • Renewal reports 30 days prior to renewal

  • Claim closure report

  • Reports on demand when requested

Do I have to be a Modgic customer to access this?

  • NO, however Modgic Subscribers will receive a substantial discount

How much does it cost?

  • Low cost price per claim per month for that policy holder

  • Retainers for bundles of claims for the brokerage or policy holder for a reduced monthly cost are available

  • Other in-person or specialized services available upon request

What is the benefit of using this service?

  • Specialized services help set you apart from other agents!

  • Help you maintain contact with your clients throughout the year, allowing you to retain more clients!

  • Onboard new clients by offering this service!

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