Modgic CEO Featured in Connected Insurance Podcast


Scott Knowles – CEO of Modgic

By Agency Revolution | August 28, 2019 |

From super-producer to Insurtech CEO: ‘Here’s the one thing you need to do in the real world of insurance’

Scott Knowles was worried. His products were the same as his top agency competitors. Prices were the same. He couldn’t bring anything to the client that made him the obvious agent. 

Then, he cracked the code. He blew his competitors away. They tried to make him go away. They tried to hire him. He decided to do something different. 

And, that was the birth of Modgic, a leading insurtech solution in the Workers’ Comp arena. Scott lays it all out in this fast-paced conversation: 

  • How to make price progressively irrelevant to your prospects – by delivering a VALUE that means more to them than the dollars they may save from someone else.

  • How to have a permanent and positive impact on your commercial lines clients – so they have loyalty that never goes away.

  • A simple method to help you determine which technologies are right for your agency – and which ones to ignore.

Whether your agency is personal or commercial lines (or both) this is the conversation that will give you a glimpse into winning in the Modern Age of Insurance. Listen today and get ideas you’ll put into practice tomorrow!

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