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Introducing Modgic Claims Advisory Service

The perfect compliment to the Modgic Software Platform



4 simple steps to grow and retain your book of business!


1. Analyze

Use MODGIC to analyze and pinpoint the mod impactful claims

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2. Inform

Review the Modgic analysis results to show the positive premium & mod effects from effective claims oversight

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3. BOR

Wedge the knowledge and results against the incumbent to pick up a BOR

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4. Perform

Sit back and relax while you use MODGIC Claims service to effectively manage the claims and solidify your relationship


Included Features

  • Initial Claim Review and Status Report

  • Annual updated reports before unit stat filing

  • Renewal Reports 30 days prior to the effective date

  • Claim closure report whenever a claim is closed

  • Reports on demand when requested


The super-producers tool to success!

  • Set yourself apart

Studies have proven excellent service and tools are the #1 relationship driver and the best way to maintain long term customers

  • Maintain Constant Valuable Contact

Maintaining contact with a client with a purpose that provides a direct benefit to a client is 10X more powerful than one without

  • Show Me The Money

Providing real results that affect the bottom line are the biggest drivers business owners value when making decisions

  • Empty promises lead to losses

The inability to maintain your service proposition is more detrimental than not offering one at all


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