Congratulations and welcome to the Modgic Family! Here are the next steps to get your team up and running. If you have ay questions or concerns during the set-up process please contact your sales professional or click HERE to navigate to our contact us area. 

  1. By now you should have already received a copy of your contract and finalized your electronic signature.
  2. In addition our billing statement should have arrived in your email, allowing for payment by ACH. Please note this will come from our parent company: SHIFT INSURANCE APPLICATIONS, LLC.
  3. Set your master administrative username and password by clicking here: NEW BROKER SET UP FORM
  4. Download the User Activation List for completion. To complete the form you will need the email addresses of ALL users who will want individual access to the site. Most brokers will submit the emails for all of the producers and allow the administrative staff to access all of the producers by using the Master administrative log-in. Download the form here: USER ACTIVATION FORM
  5. Return the completed form here: SUBMIT

  6. Within 24-48 hours you will receive notification that the Master account has been set up and each user will receive an email requesting registration. Please follow up with your team to make sure they look for the email and register following the steps in the email. If they did not receive the email please have them check their spam folder. You can resend each individuals invitation by logging into your master admin/ broker account. To watch a video on how to do so please click here: VIDEO
  7. Get your team up and running with training. One of our training specialists or our sales team member will be following up with additional training. Your team may also access our training videos by going to OUR training page here: TRAINING

THATS IT! Your all ready to go! we hope you love modgic and we love your feedback. Please help us grow and improve by Spreading the love on our page here: SPREAD THE LOVE