Modgic 2.0 has arrived!


Effective today we are launching our most ambitious and revolutionary software update since our initial launch almost 6 years ago, by introducing Modgic 2.0. For the past year we have been developing the tool that would almost completely eliminate the need to manually enter data into Modgic while at the same time reducing human errors if not completely eliminating them. Our focus was to not just satisfy our clients needs but far exceed them. 


We have enabled Scanning... No more long hours of tedious data entry full of mistaken keystrokes and flawed results requiring additional time spent tracking down and fixing human errors. Now on a matter of seconds Modgic will scan your selected original  NCCI or WCIRB experience mod worksheet and automatically import all of the claims and payroll data by state and policy, providing a resulting experience mod calculation, mod report, along with our suite of reports with almost no additional effort. This is BIG NEWS! But that's not all...


In addition to implementing scanning, we have also completely rebuilt our system to a policy based system rather than a year based system. You will no longer need to merge short term policies into individual years. Modgic will recognize if a policy belongs in a mod calculation on it's own. BUT, Thats not all...

We also have added some key enhancements to all of our reports to include:

  • Quicker and easier manual data entry when needed
  • We've added the Mod affect on every claim
  • Deductible reports for all states where available
  • A cleaner new look to our reports and Mod Worksheets
  • Time and date stamps as well as Disclaimers
  • And so much more...

We know you will love Modgic 2.0... Stay tuned because there is even more on its way...