Choose wisely

Nothing beats using the right tool for the job. Here are some reasons why Modgic will far exceed your expectations.


Leading the way

Although we are not the first to calculate and provide an analysis of the X-Mod and work comp, you will find we are already leading the way with our ideas that our competition is trying to keep up with.

Easy to use

Focused on our users, we have made your user experience our first priority. Software should not cause you pain, yet instead be a painless enjoyable experience. We know you will agree the Modgic experience is a joyful one.

You’re like family

We treat each and every one of our users as our family. Your happiness and needs are always our priority. You will find our team to be refreshingly responsive and helpful.

Cutting edge

Our system is only as good as the technology driving it behind the scenes. At Modgic we are consistently focused on finding the best way to stay ahead of the curve, rather than wait to be forced to change.

We Listen

It is from the ideas and recommendations of our users that we have and will continue to provide the best possible product and experience. You are our most important asset and you will find your suggestions go a long way.