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Workers Compensation Experience Mod Calculator & Analysis Software


Now Introducing - The perfect complement to the Modgic Software Platform


A claims management service


4 simple steps to grow and retain your book of business!


1. Analyze

Use MODGIC to analyze and pinpoint the mod impactful claims

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2. Inform

Review the Modgic analysis results to show the positive premium & mod effects from effective claims oversight

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3. BOR

Wedge the knowledge and results against the incumbent to pick up a BOR

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4. Perform

Sit back and relax while you use MODGIC Claims service to effectively manage the claims and solidify your relationship


Simplistically Powerful Reports & Analysis

Designed by a top producer as a powerful tool that provides an in-depth and relevant analysis of a client’s workers compensation.

Reports, that set any agent apart from the competition, paving the way to a Broker of Record.

Want to see how you can use Modgic to pick up BOR’s?

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A powerful and accurate Experience Mod Calculator

  • Import mod worksheets for instant results

  • Verify Existing and Predict Future Mods

  • View and Print Branded Mod Worksheets

  • Nationwide access

  • Multi state compatible

  • Broker & client branding

  • Instant mod scenarios

  • and much more

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Introducing Modgic Claims Advisory Service

The perfect compliment to the Modgic Software Platform



Modgic is Rated 5 Stars by our users! Come check out what makes us so amazing!

Modgic is the simplest and fastest way to make a Mod! For users of ModMaster, as I was for many years, you will find this program far superior. The new import function makes the data entry seamless! The reports and presentation feature makes your presentation professional. The team there is very responsive and helpful. As with any Mod Calc program there are nuances of state run calculations. They are very quick and responsive and yes, HELPFUL! With my prior vendor for mod calcs, I was just a number, and a help ticket. I would get the “resolved” email and it was not. Not here with Modgic! You will be pleasantly surprised.
— Jim Mattson, CSP Vice President, Loss Control at LSG Insurance Partners

Let’s hear it from the Best!

For producers who are looking for a tool that will help them implement my sales processes, Modgic is the ultimate Wedge!
— Randy Schwantz, Speaker, Author, Sales Trainer and developer of IWin software

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