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Powerful web based Experience Mod Calculator and analysis tool…

7 years of educating business owners on the real cost of their workers compensation and providing solutions to help control and reduce it.

What we do


calculate X-mods…

Modgic maintains the most current data available and allows you to import an original NCCI or WCIRB Mod worksheet to get instant results in seconds.


analyze work comp…

Modgic provides a powerful analysis of a businesses workers compensation. Generating reports showing trend lines in premiums, X-Mods, Claims and costs reviewing the past and projecting the future.


educate to change…

Our goal is to provide professionals with relevant simple reports that deliver a powerful message to drive business owners to create a safer work environment, that will save time & money.


provide solutions that work….

Results require actions, providing solutions that solve the problems are just as important as the enlightenment that comes from the education. We are focused on providing those solutions that specifically meet the needs based on the reports.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


1. import the data…

Modgic allows you the ability to either import (using our mod worksheet scanner) or manually enter your historical claims and payroll data. Next you can add specific details on the claims data, add additional claims, provide us with some basic history including premiums paid and historical experience mods.


2. modgic calculates…

Modgic will take the data you have entered and instantly generate experience mod calculations for the current year and instantly start projecting the future trending.

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3. reports are ready…

In a matter of minutes Modgic will build your reports that you can easily download, print or share.


Choose wisely

Nothing beats using the right tool for the job. Here are some reasons why Modgic will far exceed your expectations.


Leading the way

Although we are not the first to calculate and provide an analysis of the X-Mod and work comp, you will find we are already leading the way with our ideas that our competition is trying to keep up with.

Easy to use

Focused on our users, we have made your user experience our first priority. Software should not cause you pain, yet instead be a painless enjoyable experience. We know you will agree the Modgic experience is a joyful one.

You’re like family

We treat each and every one of our users as our family. Your happiness and needs are always our priority. You will find our team to be refreshingly responsive and helpful.

Cutting edge

Our system is only as good as the technology driving it behind the scenes. At Modgic we are consistently focused on finding the best way to stay ahead of the curve, rather than wait to be forced to change.

We Listen

It is from the ideas and recommendations of our users that we have and will continue to provide the best possible product and experience. You are our most important asset and you will find your suggestions go a long way.


Some cool facts

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It's fast

Runs on the fastest, most secure AWS servers making its speed only limited by your system and internet connection. 

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Cutting Edge

We have implemented a custom advanced scanning feature that allows you to bring data in the system in seconds. 

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Saves Time & $$$

The scanning abilities and easy tab system reduces the time to enter data into the system significantly saving you the cost of labor.

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Reducing the amount of manual input needed to enter data has also all but eliminated data entry errors and improved accuracy. 

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Easy to use

Modgic has a clean simplistic platform that, paired with our quick video training, allows for an extremely short learning curve.

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web based

Always WEB based access allows you and your team to access the full abilities of Modgic anywhere you have a computer and internet connection. 

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Modgic was designed and tested by producers and continually enhanced by its users making the reports relevant to your customers needs.

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Our customer service is nothing less than the absolute BEST! NO Tickets and long waits for support. We are always just a phone call away!


Trusted & loved

Modgic 2.0 is the simplest and fastest way to make a Mod! For users of ModMaster, as I was for many years, you will find this program far superior. The new import function makes the data entry seamless! The reports and presentation feature makes your presentation professional. The team there is very responsive and helpful. As with any Mod Calc program there are nuances of state run calculations. They are very quick and responsive and yes, HELPFUL! With my prior vendor for mod calcs, I was just a number, and a help ticket. I would get the “resolved” email and it was not. Not here with Modgic! You will be pleasantly surprised.
— Jim Mattson, CSP Vice President, Loss Control at LSG Insurance Partners

Unmatched support

 Modgic iS leading the way with unmatched customer support. With live chat, phone, email, and a smart knowledge base all in one place—it’s simple to offer powerful support. ADDITIONALLY, our training platform gets your team up and going in minutes, so you can focus on WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU!




Even our competition likes what we’ve done!

For the past 7 years, we have led the way providing X - Mod calculations on a 100% web based platform, but we’re not here to brag about it…

What we will brag about.... We are quite flattered to learn that our built in feature of uploading mod worksheets, scanning and extracting the data was so compelling that our competition decided to implement it.

Thank you, we truly couldn’t receive a bigger compliment!